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System Design Project


  • University group project constructing an autonomous football playing robot under industrial conditions.
  • Implemented a solution utlising holonomic motion enabling complete freedom of movement.

  • Honours Project - Visual Tracking & Data Acquisition System For Team Sports

    2009 - MATLAB

  • Developed a system to detect, identify and track players and then classify behaviours from real-life football feeds.

  • iOS Development

    2013 - Objective C

  • Self-teaching myself Objective C through programming apps and games for iOS.

  • "jaykotak.com"

    2013 - HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

  • Constructed layout in HTML and CSS.
  • Manipulated Javascript and PHP to acheive desired web 2.0 functionality.

    "It's like Jay could read my mind" - client ;-)

  • Spam Filter

    2007 - Java

  • Implemented a naive bayes spam filter with a ~84% success rate on test data.
  • Extended the filter using Laplace and Absolute Discount Smoothing to increase the success rate to ~98%.

  • System Level Intergration Pratical

    2009 - Java

  • Developed a virtual reality ball throwing game using headset and wireless sensors.
  • Worked as a team to design and implement the system through all stages of the software development process.

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  • Jay
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    2013 - Adobe Illustrator

  • Devised a web identity inspired by the client's logo.
  • Created original web graphics for this purpose.

    "It's exactly as I imagined and more" - client ;-)

  • exit, stage right!

    2013 - Adobe Illustrator

    Identity. It's who we are.
    It's how people know us.
    I am Jay. This is me.

    "The best logo design I have ever seen" - client ;-)

    "London F.C."

    2008 - Adobe Illustrator

  • Developed club logo for local 5-a-side team.
  • Consulted with printers to produce professional quality kit.

  • "FGS"

    2013 - Adobe Illustrator

  • Produced provisional logo for iOS game development start-up.
  • Providing continual input and direction for artwork development.

  • "Grass Roots Play"

    2009 - Adobe Illustrator

  • Successfully re-bradned the logo and image for an After School Club in London.
  • Business has since expanded rapidly providing increased exposure and further commissions.

  • logos my son, as far as the eye can see ... teaching
    Games for Teaching

    2009-2013 - MS Word

  • Devised and published educational games for ESL teaching in Japan.
  • Materials developed have been included in the official curriculum distributed by a Board of Education in Japan.

  • Flashcards for Teaching

    2009-2013 - MS Powerpoint

  • Crafted 580+ flashcards covering 50+ topics for ESL teaching in Japan.
  • Pioneered the use with a tablet in schools, saving printing resources.

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